Photo of Richard Walters (below), by Dmitry Serostanov

London-based singer Richard Walters has released a moving new video for his recent single "U."

The stunning visuals were directed by Matt Cooper and are premiering exclusively today on Variance, ahead of Walters' new album A.M, which is out on Oct. 14.

Walters has previously said the song was inspired by an offhand comment from a promoter asking him if touring strained his relationships back home.

"I guess in the smallest hours, stuck on your own in a hotel or sleeping on another sofa, it’s easy to overthink things, see the absolute worst possible outcome," he said of the emotional track. "I became convinced that something I cared about so much—making and playing music—was pulling me away from someone so important to me, like it was this huge selfish ego trip I was embarking on. But in the morning there’s clarity, there’s phone calls and there’s reassurances … it’s all OK in the end."

For the video, which stars English actor Mark Hadfield, Cooper says he drew from the "longing" within the song to imagine a "cinematic, narrative-led story," explaining: "I was interested to explore what would happen if our character who had nothing was given everything he wanted. Like Stranger Things, I wanted to shortcut the logical, and by harking back to a kind of nostalgic aesthetic, with the colours and textures of '80s sci-fi, create a beautiful concoction of the bizarre and the recognisable."

Watch the gripping new video for "U" below.