Georgia Mitropoulos

Dräger is taking listeners on a soundscaping journey on his newest track, Midnight Mystery.” By incorporating elements of 80s synth-pop, modern indie rock, and a touch of future nostalgia, Dräger’s latest single, “Midnight Mystery,” is a pristine example of this unique blend.

Directed by Fred Joseph, the music video is influenced by 80’s elements from its cinematic elements that pay homage to the era. Lyrically, “Midnight Mystery” explores themes of escaping reality and indulging in the thrill of the unknown. It delves into the allure of the night, where anything can happen, and inhibitions are left behind. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of an enigmatic character who invites the listener to join them on an adventure into the mysterious. With his unorthodox fusion of nostalgic synth-wave sounds and contemporary indie pop sensibilities, he creates a dynamic and immersive sonic experience.

“We have adapted to a voyeuristic, visual-centric lifestyle, and amidst the vanity and other byproducts of fighting for your screen time, I think to tell a story of a song fully, you must now show people what you mean with a video. I’d hate the sentiment lost in translation with someone else telling my story. But I also, just like with songwriting, love the process of creating and exploring other ways to express it all.”

With his clever wordplay and melodic hooks, DRÄGER’s music is a captivating blend of nostalgic and mysterious aesthetics with his dystopian modern-era soundscapes. Be sure to stream “Midnight Mystery” below.