Shervin Lainez

Princess Goes, the band helmed by Dexter star and singer Michael C. Hall, returned Wednesday with their new song "Shimmer."

The riveting new track comes as Hall and his bandmates Matt Katz-Bohen and Peter Yanowitz have confirmed their second album together, Come of Age, which will be released on Sept. 15. It's accompanied by a video also out today directed by Tim Richardson, whose past collaborations include work with the likes of Billie Eilish and Elton John.

“We named the album Come of Age because the three of us felt this group of songs truly embodied the band’s blossoming after six years of writing/recording within the chrysalis of our DIY downtown NYC studio,” says Yanowitz. “In a way, Come of Age felt like a fully realized response to the questions our first self-titled EP, and first full length Thanks for Coming, begged, bookending a chapter in the band’s story, and giving us permission to explore new ways to create and produce music in the future.”

Watch the new video below.