Photo courtesy artist

Los Angeles based Jazz singer/songwriter Alan Chang has just unveiled his second single since making the decision to pursue his solo career. “Natalie Explain” solidifies that he certainly made the right choice, showcasing the artist’s captivating storytelling lyrics and infectious piano melodies which are coated in a whimsical delivery. 

“Natalie Explain” touches on the awkward and uncomfortable situation of someone being more in love with you, than you are with them. Written as a fictional story, the artist speaks about navigating this person's feelings without causing too much upset, as he steps in the shoes of a delusional lover. 

With Dave Koz providing a sultry sax solo reminiscent of the late great George Michael, combined with colorful melodies and the melting tones of both male and female vocals, Chang delivers a track which allows you to take a peek into his wonderful imagination.