Photo courtesy artist

Over the past year, Maths Time Joy has brightened dark times with a steady flow of new material. 

And this week, the British artist-producer has kicked off a new chapter, teaming up with New York-based singer Rich for a new song called "Change," the first in a series of collaborations between the two, who have only met in person once.

"Sometimes you have to find the point where you connect musically and other times it just instantly makes sense, and it was that way with Rich," says Maths Time Joy.

As we previously mentioned, Maths Time Joy has been busy releasing plenty of new music recently. His song "Heavy on My Mind," a collaboration with RITUAL, arrived last month. Other releases include "Two Steps," featuring Kevin Garrett, as well as "Fall Back," which featured Matt Woods, and then jumping on "So High," with rising singer Ross Quinn.

Hear "Change" below.