Two favorites have joined forces for an intensely irresistible new track called "Fall Back."

It's the latest from Maths Time Joy, who is joined by fellow English artist Matt Woods. The new song follows Maths Time Joy's other recent collaboration "Two Steps," which featured Kevin Garrett. And as was the case back in September when that track was released, this latest offering is truly spellbinding.

“Matt came with the demo idea which we started from and I loved the lo-fi vocal approach," says Maths Time Joy. "I think Matt has one of those voices that convey so much emotion in the delivery that you can experiment with the clarity and processing of the vocal and still maintain the emotional impact of the song, and I like having that ambiguity in some of the delivery of the lyrics.”

For his part, Woods adds: "Honestly, I’m grateful to be a part of MTJs journey as an artist. He makes the kind of music I want to escape to. I’m also grateful that this song is having a life. It was one of those ones I wrote alone, for me. I never expected to finish it, to release it, until MTJ heard the demo and got excited. When he gets excited, I get excited. He has such a delicate touch as a producer; he gave the words meaning.”

Hear "Fall Back" below.