Photo courtesy artist

London-based artist Maths Time Joy has shared a new song, and it's apparently been a long time in the making.

His blissful, absolutely hypnotic new single "Two Steps" arrived Wednesday, a collaboration with singer Kevin Garrett. It follows his other recent single "Real Deal," which was released last month.

"Kevin has been one of my favourite artists for a long time so it was an honour to get to work with a songwriter like him," says Maths Time Joy. "He brings such sincerity to his work and it was interesting to work in a sonic space that is a bit more uptempo than both of us would usually sit."

For his part, Garrett adds: "I wrote this song with Maths Time Joy years ago in London. It's exciting to finally hear it out in the world. Grateful to be a part of his project."

Hear "Two Steps" below.