Maths Time Joy, by Joupin

Variance favorite Maths Time Joy is back with new music, and another collaboration.

This time he has joined forces with London trio RITUAL, delivering their new song "Heavy on My Mind," a track which originated a few years back, evolving and taking shape thanks to co-writing from RITUAL. It arrived in its final form on Friday.

"I made this track several years ago and RITUAL wrote to it maybe a year or two later," says Maths Time Joy. "I remember hearing their music and being a fan and we eventually linked up to work together, but most of this track we ended up writing remotely. We knew there was something good in the idea but with our own separate release schedules it was challenging to find the right time to release it, so it's good to finally get this one out there."

While the global pandemic has dramatically affected the music industry, Maths Time Joy has made the most of these challenging times, delivering a number of standout collaborations, including "Two Steps," featuring Kevin Garrett, as well as "Fall Back," which features Matt Woods, and then jumping on "So High" with rising singer Ross Quinn.

Hear "Heavy on My Mind" below.