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Florida 9-piece (yes, nine) seeyousoon caught our attention back in March with their blistering debut single "STEAMY," but now they've released their debut album VIDÉ and it's proof they're one to watch.

The 14-track project arrived Friday, a massive, boisterous offering showcasing a diverse swath of musical palettes, which is expected given the collective consists of nine members with wide-ranging backgrounds.

"This is a celebration of the things that make us different," the group said of the new record. "It’s like we’re painting a picture. In color theory, there are three primary colors. In songwriting, it’s similar, because you have happiness, sadness, and anger. Those colors are very easy to paint with. However, we’re trying to paint with as many different colors as possible to tap into more nuanced feelings, which are harder to describe with words. It’s interpretive and meant to transport you somewhere else."

Made up of vocalists Mitch, Maddie, Josh, Luke, Dre and Drex along with producers Ignacio, Kenny and Denny, seeyousoon formed in 2018, having bonded over their love of music from the likes of Jadakiss to Mars Volta. It's also not hard to see why they're drawing comparisons to the likes of BROCKHAMPTON and Odd Future.

Hear VIDÉ below.