Photo courtesy artist

Back in March, Florida outfit seeyousoon made their debut with their single "Steamy." And now they're continuing their momentum with their new song "Blue Chord."

The track arrived Friday with a Zoom-configured video featuring all nine members. Yes nine. And it's somewhat ironic the video should be affected by the quarantine, because the song itself is very much dance floor-ready, with a house undercurrent and distinctly hip-hop sound.

"To us, 'Blue Chord' is a stand-out moment from our upcoming album," says seeyousoon. "It started out as more of an experiment than anything, trying out more dance-forward production and writing. When it was all said and done the track ended up becoming one of our favorites. Not only that but it also served as a reminder to stay loose and keep an open mind in regard to trying new things with our music"

Made up of vocalists Mitch, Maddie, Josh, Luke, Dre and Drex along with producers Ignacio, Kenny and Denny, seeyousoon formed in 2018, having bonded over their love of music from the likes of Jadakiss to Mars Volta. This is the latest preview of their upcoming debut project VIDÉ, which is expected later this year.

Watch the video for "Blue Chord" below.