Photo courtesy artist

This week brought us the debut from a Florida nine-piece (yes, nine) called seeyousoon.

The group shared their debut single "Steamy" on Friday, and it's impressive. The rowdy, blistering new track, which has an accompanying video, is a worthy introduction from the emerging outfit, which proves they're ready for the spotlight, with a massive energy on the level of BROCKHAMPTON meets JUNGLE.

"'Steamy' was the first song we created as seeyousoon and it feels right to have it be the first song the world hears," the group says of the new track. "It’s exciting to think about how our listeners are going to be front row to an audible experience that will continue to evolve and inspire."

Made up of vocalists Mitch, Maddie, Josh, Luke, Dre and Drex along with producers Ignacio, Kenny and Denny, seeyousoon formed in 2018, having bonded over their love of music from the likes of Jadakiss to Mars Volta. This is the first preview of their upcoming debut project VIDÉ.

Check out "Steamy" below.