Photo courtesy artist

After sharing his frothy standout "Dreams" earlier this year, Variance favorite Mulholland Blond is back with another strong offering, his single "Recover," which arrived Thursday.

The Aussie crooner has long proven his knack for sweet, sexy bedroom jams, but on this new track, he seamlessly crafts a pop confection out of clear heartache, delivering summery, Carly-Rae-Jepsen-meets-LANY vibes.

"I was stuck in a rut binge-watching '80s teen rom-coms and overanalysing the ups and downs of the relationship when I decided it would be more productive to put pen to paper," the singer says, acknowledging it was written after a breakup. "The nostalgic yet romantic sound of ‘Recover’ is clearly influenced by the '80s flicks, though lyrically, it’s a song about heartbreak and coming to terms with your own faults."

Mulholland Blond previously caught our attention with a string of impressive singles in 2018. This latest track follows his past singles including "Control," "Fever" and "XXX," and he has more new music on the way.

Listen to "Recover" below.