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The year might be coming to a close, but Sydney's Mulholland Blond is hardly finished, having released his sweltering new single "Fever" on Friday.

The track, an admitted "bedroom jam," continues the Aussie music-maker's journey in the world of what he calls "sex-pop." And after the summer release of his debut pair of tracks "Tangerine" and "Control," followed by "XXX," he has more than proven he is on the right track.

"When writing 'Fever,' I wanted to explore the passion and spark that drives a one-night romance," says Blond of the newly released single. "The desire for intimacy and the craving for affection. We live in an era where artificial connection is the norm and I think people really long for physical interaction, more so than ever. Drawing from personal experiences, I decided to present this form of lust as a fever, taking over your body and the only way to heal is to sink in and sweat it out."

In addition to "Fever," the singer promises there's more new music coming before the end of the year. For now, hear the new song below.