Photo courtesy artist

Australian crooner Mulholland Blond is back with new music.

The Sydney-based artist and Variance favorite, who caught our attention with a string of impressive releases in 2018, returned on Thursday with his brand new single "Dreams," a frothy, sensual pop gem.

"When writing ‘Dreams,’ I wanted to explore the passion and almost tragic sense of longing felt after an intimate moment with someone in a dream," says Blond of the new track. "I’m intrigued by the idea that we can subconsciously 'share' such a personal moment with someone just out of reach which can in turn affect and heighten our desire for affection or physical interaction."

The simmering new offering follows Mulholland Blond's previous singles including "Control," "Fever" and "XXX," with this latest one proving he's earned his status as an artist to watch right now, especially as he has more new material on the way this year.

Hear "Dreams" below.