WATCH: Feist's New Music Video for "The Bad in Each Other"

A post on Feist's website offers some insight into her "The Bad in Each Other" video, which was partly shot in Mexico by Martin De Thurah and is the second video from her recent album, Metals.

"This video captures glimpses of something human, we get a peek inside something real between people -- could be loss, longing and love. A lot of things which is about being a human being ... It is told in a way where it opens up more aspects than it concludes.

"You could think about the video like a song or a poem, and different people will connect to different things -- and those connections might be different from time to time when they watch it."

Watch the video for "The Bad in Each Other" below.

VIDEO: Florence + The Machine covers Drake's "Take Care"

If you take a look at the Billboard 200, you will find that Drake’s sophomore album, “Take Care,” debuted at #1, selling roughly 700,000 copies in its first week.

While Drake’s starpower is undeniable, we can’t help but love this Florence + The Machine cover of the title track, “Take Care,” live on BBC.

The question is, whose version do you prefer?

Watch below.


VIDEO: Dia Frampton's "The Broken Ones"

Dia Frampton, runner-up from the first season of NBC's The Voice, has recently released her first single since appearing on the show. The song is called "The Broken Ones" and--besides showcasing the young songstress's vocal abilities, the lyrics are incredible. A beautiful, beautiful song! Her solo album, "Red," will be released next week and she'll soon be heading out on tour with Blake Shelton.

Watch the video for "The Broken Ones." below.


VIDEO: Matthew & The Atlas "Within the Rose"

Maybe it's been a long weekend. Or perhaps it's cold or raining where you are. Then it's a perfect day for Matthew and The Atlas.

Enjoy "Within the Rose" on this nice little Sunday. We certainly like it and we hope you do, too!

Watch Below.


VIDEO: "Shuffle" by Bombay Bicycle Club

Today's a good day for Bombay Bicycle Club's "Shuffle." If you don't agree, you might be crazy! Watch the video below:

Watch the video below.


WATCH: Lana del Rey debuts new song, "China Doll"

Lana del Rey just keeps surprising us. She debuted a new song this week while in Manchester and currently has the blogosphore abuzz. Take a few moments and watch her live performance of "China Doll" below. Note: It's mobile video quality.

Watch the video below


WATCH: V V Brown's "Children"

We know her album doesn't drop for a couple months, but if Miss V V Brown isn't on your radar, she should be. You'll probably be hearing more from V V further into 2012, but for now, enjoy the video for her newest single, "Children."

Watch Below.


VIDEO: "Lonely Boy" by The Black Keys

Can it be the 6th of December already? We can hardly wait for the new album coming from The Black Keys. The guys released this preview last week and we thought it might fit in nicely with your Friday playlist. Are you as anxious as we are for the release of "El Camino?"

Watch "Lonely Boy" by the Black Keys below.


VIDEO: Emily Elbert Covers Michael Jackson

We know it's popular for radio stations to play MJ's "Thriller" for Halloween, but today we've got Emily Elbert's cover of the classic tune on our playlist. It's a few years old, but if you haven't heard the young songstress yet, you're definitely missing out. Watch her video below and check her out in this month's edition of Future Sounds--sounds you need to hear.

Watch Below.