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He's not quite done releasing new music this year. Aaron Taos has released a new single called "Control."

The track arrived Wednesday with an accompanying video and it's actually the first preview of the rising New Yorker's new project Birthday Boy, which is being described as a "loose concept album" about growing older and the milestone a birthday represents "in terms of self-reflection."

"I was sitting alone on a bench in the park by my apartment in Brooklyn, feeling pretty down about where my career and life was at that point," says Taos, reflecting on the new project's inspiration dating back to his birthday last summer. "Another year had gone by and all these things that I wanted to accomplish just hadn't come to fruition. Through the frustration, I was inspired to be more honest in my writing and take the reins again on producing my own tracks—something I hadn't done since being introduced to the session/cowriting landscape of the music industry following the release of my first EP in 2015."

As we previously mentioned, Taos released his Night Thoughts EP over the summer. This upcoming project, however, he wrote and recorded back in Connecticut, in the house he grew up in, away from personal and industry distractions in the city.

Check out the video for "Control" below.