Photo courtesy HBO

After teasing fans with a botched Facebook Live stream, Game of Thrones released its first season 7 teaser on Thursday.

HBO has also confirmed its most popular series will finally return on July 16, premiering much later in the year than previous seasons. As we previously reported, the show was forced to delay production for the upcoming episodes due to milder weather.

Earlier today, the network took to Facebook with a live stream of a large block of ice, urging fans to melt the ice by commenting "fire," which would prompt a flame to emerge onscreen and slowly thaw the ice. The feed broke multiple times, leading to frustration before the big reveal.

The new teaser itself doesn't include new footage. Instead, it relies on audio from past seasons to build up anticipation, with the exception of a new line of dialogue from Jon Snow suggesting a looming battle with the White Walkers. "There is only one war that matters," he warns. "The Great War. And it is here."

See the clip below.