Photo of Lana Del Rey, courtesy artist

Just days after suddenly releasing a new single, Lana Del Rey on Thursday caught fans off guard once again with a mysterious tweet, suggesting she is joining witches' plans to put a spell on Donald Trump.

"At the stroke of midnight... Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23,” the singer tweeted, referencing the Friday ritual: "Ingredients can b found online."

A document being circulated states that those wishing to put a spell (unlike a curse, which would imply harm) on the President should write “Donald J. Trump” on an orange candle stub with a pin or nail, while combining a number of other odd items.

Paranormal writer Michael M Hughes, who first shared the spell, notes it is largely therapeutic. And because Trump is prone to fumbling and regularly makes faux pas—whether intentionally or not—it would be difficult to detect any effect of a spell.

However, as Hughes points out, the end goal of the spell isn't necessarily to oust Donald Trump (although that may be ideal). Instead, he hopes to encourage the 55% of Americans who feel distressed by the President. “If people feel more empowered and less beaten down, that’s valid,” he explained.

As for Lana Del Rey, this is already her best album promo yet.