Photo courtesy artist

In the current, saturated musical landscape, it's not always easy for new artists to stand out over the clutter. But newcomer Emily Brophy is an exception, as evidenced by her new single "Save Me."

At just 16, the singer-songwriter from a small town in central Virginia is this week releasing the new track, which marks her official debut single. It's technically out on Friday, but it's premiering a day early on Variance.

"'Save Me' was the first song I wrote that made me believe music was what I wanted to do," says Brophy of the new track, which was produced by Pat Kiloran, the mastermind behind fellow Variance favorite MILKK. "I remember sitting on the floor in my bedroom with my guitar the night I kind of lost someone I thought I had something with, and it just happened. The words were there and I knew exactly what I needed to say to get that pain out of my head and into a song."

While it's clear Brophy is definitely carving out her own musical niche, "Save Me" instantly glows with the emotional prowess of Maggie Rogers, the magnetic charm of Clairo and the ghostly brassiness of Lana Del Rey

World, meet Emily Brophy. Hear "Save Me" below.