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After a pair of EPs earlier this year, emerging trio MILKK is back with a frothy new single.

"Thinkin Bout U" arrived Friday, just three months after the Nashville-based band released their irresistible If You're Reading This, I Love You EP, which they shared back in June. Just three months prior to that, they released their debut Sad Girls EP, with this new cut expected to be a preview of their debut album, likely to arrive next year.

“I wrote the verses of 'Thinkin Bout U' a few years ago for a completely different song that was like an alt-rock song," says MILKK mastermind Pat Kiloran, who makes up one-third of the band alongside Jack Vondrachek and John Ogelby. "When the chorus came to me one night earlier this year, that old song popped in my head and it just serendipitously fit perfectly. Now as a whole piece, it tells the story of how relationships, good and bad and up and down, can and do mess with your head so much. There’s a lot at stake when you love someone."

The new song is officially out today, but the band surprised fans late Thursday night with an unexpected early premiere of the accompanying video, which Kiloran directed with Dawson Waters.

"The video was crazy because it was all one take," says Kiloran of the newly released clip. "I had written this one-shot concept and honestly wasn’t sure if we could pull it off. But how you are seeing it is exactly how we shot it. There is no cinematic magic. Just a strict plan and tight choreography and a great crew. We ended up finally getting it right after about 12 tries."

MILKK began last year, with their name stemming from a typo. They started attracting a devoted fanbase via social media before having even released any music. Currently unsigned, they fit easily in a lane alongside the likes of LANY, Joan and Lauv, while carving out a space all of their own.

Check out "Thinkin Bout U" in the video above or below via Spotify and definitely keep an eye on these guys.