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The Darcys are heading into fall with a silky new single "Chasing the Fall."

The Toronto duo on Thursday offered a stream of the sexy new cut, which officially arrives Friday on digital platforms. It follows their previous release "Just Here with My Friends," a collaboration with July Talk's Leah Fay which was released back in June.

"Chasing the Fall' is described as being about taking a tumble down the rabbit hole. It’s a night in your life that starts out strange and only continues into disarray.

As the band's Wes Marskell explains: "I like the images of Zinfandel by the pool, casinos and heart-shaped jacuzzis, as they all have the kitsch of a love story in a bad movie. However, there’s an unlikeliness to the events, hitting the jackpot or rain in Palm Springs, and you get the feeling you’re letting someone take you on a ride that’s full of chaos. Once you’ve done it, you’ll do anything to do it again."

The song, which also has a '90s R&B vibe to it, sees the Variance favorites continuing to evolve. And it seems they have more new material in the works.

Hear "Chasing the Fall" below.