Photo by Trevor Paulhus

As he gets ready to release his debut album Cheyenne, Dallas-born singer Conner Youngblood has shared a lush new track called "Pizza Body."

The title of the song is reflective of Youngblood's self-awareness and sense of humor. It follows the release of his stunning previous single "The Birds of Finland," for which he shared awe-inspiring set of visuals back in June.

"I was particularly happy with the vocals in the chorus on this song," says Youngblood of the new track. "I just kept trying out a bunch of different voices and mixing it up until I found a cool one. Just kinda made up a new voice to do something fresh. Obviously, the lyrics to the song are not 'oooh I wanna pizza body,' but in hindsight I wish they were."

The full album is coming on Aug. 17. But "Pizza Body" is out now.