Artwork courtesy Columbia Records

Wet has shared another new track from their upcoming album, this time in the form of their smoky new track "You're Not Wrong."

It's the latest from the Brooklyn outfit's new record Still Run, which is coming July 13 via Columbia Records. Written by frontwoman Kelly Zutrau and produced by Rostam Batmanglij, the track follows Wet's previously released standout "Softens," which arrived back in April.

"When I first played ‘You're Not Wrong’ for Rostam it was a slow sad piano-y song in my GarageBand," Zutrau reveals of the new song. "It sounded like lots of things I'd written before, but it was sort of sweeter because it seemed more definitive than some of the others. It was like I had been searching for an answer about love and in that moment that I wrote this song I had grown so tired of myself and my ambivalence that I decided to believe in it."

She adds: "Rostam heard it and immediately added drums and started banging out this frantic piano part. He sped it way up and within an hour of working on it, it was a completely different thing. It was really surprising, but I loved it so much. He had taken it somewhere that Joe and I never would've gone on our own and captured some of that positive energy I had felt in the lyrics, but didn't know how to convey with the production."

Hear the new song below.