Photo of Wet, courtesy artist

Brooklyn outfit Wet has shared a new song called "Softens," the second preview of their upcoming sophomore album.

The delicate, hypnotic new cut arrived Friday on digital platforms, with the band's Kelly Zutrau explaining the song was partly inspired by the dark state of the world right now, pointing to everything in the news.

"I was just feeling like shit and listening to the radio one night while all of these horrible news stories were playing and then I heard this phrase, ‘Where Beauty Softens Your Grief,'" she says, explaining it was actually a slogan for a Harlem funeral home. "Something about those words and the story behind it really stuck with me. I found that idea so comforting, someone making a place to soften the sometimes harsh reality of being a human."

An album release date hasn't been announced yet, but Wet will be hitting the road in May, so it's likely coming sooner rather than later.

Hear "Softens" below.