Photo by Philip Harris

Jessie Reyez is back with the heat.

The rising vocalist, who is one of Variance's 2018 FutureSounds picks, has dropped a fiery new track "Body Count," which arrived Friday. It's an anthem of sexual empowerment, meant to encourage men and women to equally embrace their sexuality.

"The luxury of not getting judged for 'loving' who you want to love should be given to everyone—including women," the singer says of the new song. "I feel like so often we're encouraged to keep our 'body count' low, whereas men get high fives for a high number; which is cool, do you, but I think the double standard is wack and women should get high fives too lol. I'm not saying go fuck the world, I'm saying fuck the unfair judgment."

Hear the new song below and stay tuned for its video.