Photo: Hedi Slimane

After sharing his brilliant new single "My My My!" back in January, pop prince Troye Sivan returned Thursday with another gem in the form of "Bloom."

While the gummy new track (and its accompanying lyric video) are flowery in nature, it's not really about plants. Instead, the singer has hinted that the song is subtly about anal sex, specifically being the bottom. 

"Take a trip into my garden / I've got so much to show ya / The fountains and the waters / Are begging just to know ya," the song opens, before comparing the experience to a "rollercoaster," then suggesting it's the receptive partner's first time. "Promise me you'll / Hold my hand if I get scared now / Might tell you to / Take a second, baby, slow it down."

For his part, Sivan initially confirmed the sexual references, tweeting "#BopsBoutBottoming" shortly after the song's release and then soon after deleting the tweet.

Nonetheless, the song is from his upcoming album, which doesn't yet have a release date but can't come soon enough.

Hear "Bloom" below.