Frank Fieber

Tom Grennan's new album What Ifs & Maybes is here today, and it's one of our favorite new releases this week.

The U.K. singer has followed up his 2021 album Evering Road with this buoyant and emotional new record, which comes after a handful of singles released over the past few months, including the song "How Does It Feel," which arrived last month.

"For this whole album, I’ve definitely made a conscious decision for it to be a record that people can just dance to," says Grennan. "An album where people can listen in their own time, or fans can come to a show, and they can have that sense of escapism. I want them to feel they have no stress and no worries when they’re listening to these songs. So I made that conscious decision to write some uptempo songs that can live in a party world."

On naming the album, Tom says: “I’ve called the album What Ifs & Maybes because you never know what’s going to happen. So go with your gut. Go with your heart, not your head. Sometimes the unknown brings love and beauty and colour. Don’t be afraid to jump into the unknown. It’s exciting!”

Hear the full record now.