Frank Fieber

Another winner from Tom Grennan is here today!

On Friday, Grennan shared his new song "How Does It Feel," an electric new cut off his upcoming third album What Ifs & Maybes, which is officially out June 16 on Arista Records.

“This song is a reflection of a moment in my life when I realized I had let something unreal slip," says Grennan of the new track. "It’s a reflection on the excitement that comes when you know you have a chance to rebuild. It’s exciting, fun, and gives you the energy to want to get up and do what you believe in!”

Speaking on the new record: "For this whole album, I’ve definitely made a conscious decision for it to be a record that people can just dance to. An album where people can listen in their own time, or fans can come to a show, and they can have that sense of escapism. I want them to feel they have no stress and no worries when they’re listening to these songs. So I made that conscious decision to write some uptempo songs that can live in a party world."

Watch the video below.