Liam Maxwell

If you're in need of a perfect weekend soundtrack, might we suggest the new EP from London outfit KIDS.

The band, helmed by lifelong friends Beau Blaise and Alex Harvey, just released their Love + the City Part 1 project, which features highlights such as "Worthy," "The Boy Won't Grow Up," "Alcohol & Cigarettes" and "Settle Down," the latter two of which they shared back in October.

Says Blaise: "Our self-produced debut EP Love + the City 1 was born out of heartbreak. While working long-term in a studio in Wales, I broke up with my girlfriend due to the distance. Then moved back to my hometown, London, reconnected with my childhood friend Alex, we wrote these songs and formed KIDS. The EP tells a story of growth and explores why some early relationships don't last."

Check out the EP below.