Photo courtesy artist

London-based outfit KIDS is taking quite the plunge today with not just one but two new songs out Friday.

Today, the group led by lifelong friends Beau Blaise and Alex Harvey have shared their songs "Alcohol & Cigarettes" and "Settle Down," a pair of contrasting sounds which are two of our favorite releases this week.

The songs are reflective of Blaise and Harvey's writing on their upcoming debut Love and the City 1 EP. According to the two artists, these songs tell the story of how singer Blaise dealt the ending of his first relationship.

“'Alcohol & Cigarettes' is a party song for sad people," they say. "It tells the familiar tale of putting on a brave face whilst distracting yourself after a breakup. Unhealthy nights out, bad hookups and booze may distract us from our feelings but inevitably leave us unfulfilled.”

On the other end of spectrum: “'Settle Down' happens later. Whilst still leaning on vices and going out, it describes the first time we start to have feelings for someone else. Even if the relationship doesn’t become romantic, having those feelings again means we have begun to heal. The good times will come again.”

Listen now.