Amaury Nessaibia

Noah Cyrus' debut album is finally here.

It made have taken six years to get here, but as of Friday, the singer's proper debut album The Hardest Part has been released, and it is a stunning LP, out today via RECORDS/Columbia Records. It follows a spectacular rise and ultimately a downward spiral by the end of 2020, as she acknowledges.

“I had a death wish,” she confesses. “Soon after I started having all this music success, I was introduced to downers, which gradually took over my life the next couple of years. By 2020, I was at my lowest low—I was suicidal and in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship. I was choosing drugs over my family, my friendships, myself—everything. And when the pandemic hit it gave me an excuse to further isolate myself. Anxiety and depression fully consumed me."

She continues: "I finally had a moment of clarity after I lost my grandmother. When she died, I wanted to be there for my mom, but was so emotionally and physically gone. I felt an enormous amount of guilt and the whole situation made me re-assess a lot of my decisions the past few years. Around the same time, I got out of my toxic relationship and weighed out my options—life or death. I wanted to find purpose and hope. So, I chose life. I called everyone I needed to and asked for help. I did the work to get off the pills. December 15, 2022 will be my second year anniversary, and I’m experiencing happiness and joy for the first time since I was a little kid.”

Hear the record in full below.