Photo courtesy artist

As newcomer mehro continues his musical journey, he has shared another new track, and it's just breathtaking.

His new song "howling" is out now, following the singer's riveting SKY ON FIRE project, which arrived earlier this year. It's also further proof of his remarkable vocal prowess and his undeniable ability to capture one's attention in mere seconds, transporting listeners to an otherworldly space, a realm where time doesn't seem to exist.

"'howling' is a fever dream," says mehro of the track. "When you miss someone so much, your understanding of reality is put into question. Because the foundation you once stood upon is now water, and cement bricks are tied to your ankles, and there is nowhere to go but down."

The new song is part of mehro's Alchemy/Dark Corners series, which includes his recent track "coastline." Hear "howling" below.