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After releasing his breakout project SKY ON FIRE earlier this spring, newcomer and Variance favorite mehro is capping the chapter with a riveting finale in the form of a new set of visuals for closing tracks "the same" and "sky on fire."

"I wanted this piece to feel more like a short film than a conventional music video," says mehro of the clip, which he directed and produced in Joshua Tree. "A battle between innocence and toxic masculinity, a showdown between two energies that we all as humans must experience. For all of us, there is a side that longs to be free and dream and for all of us there is another side, one that looks to restrict and conflict with everything around them. I can’t tell you how many nights I would waste doubting myself, how that doubt was killing my hope, my dreams. I wanted to tell that story, a true one, the story of how we can harness the darkness and move toward the light."

The two tracks exude a very Sufjan Stevens energy, and the visual is a gripping one, as mehro establishes himself not only as an artist of incredible sound but also a multi-hyphenate whose visual work is just as stunning.

Watch the new video below, followed by our conversation with mehro about the visual finale.

First of all, the visual for “the same/sky on fire” is so good. And it does feel like a short film. Was this a case of saving the best for last?

I appreciate what you are insinuating, but no, it wasn’t the case. I had no idea what I was getting myself into—and once I realized it, there was no turning back… We had to give it our all, and we did.

You mentioned the story is about a battle between innocence and toxic masculinity. For some, that’s still a hard conversation to have. Why is it so important?

It’s important because almost every person has either faced it or is facing it every day. Whether they know it or not. and if this video helps one person try to make their life a little better, then it was worth every second.

On top of writing and recording your music, you directed the new visual. What is it like to be able to tell your own story and depict the narrative for yourself?

I’m very lucky to have people in my life that make it possible, these people push me to be my very best. This wouldn’t have been made without every person involved. DW, Ryan, Christine, Alex, Beth, Dylan, Andre, and Steve… Thank you…

mehro in self-directed 'the same/sky on fire' video

The fact that you’re doing so much makes me wonder if you’re already working on new music or what you’re working on lately?

I always am—It never stops. It's beautiful and terrifying simultaneously, but that's why I just take it one day at a time.

If you could collaborate with anyone specifically, who would it be?

I take collaboration very seriously. I’m a private and intimate person. I’d have to meet and vibe with the person before I work with them. up til now, I've written all of the songs by myself. it took a long time for me to trust an engineer or a producer. I've definitely dreamed of collaborating with amazing artists like Frank Ocean, Clairo, Robert Smith—but there is a big difference between dreaming and reality.

I know right now we consume music so quickly, especially now as everyone is getting out and churning out so much material all of a sudden, but what do you hope people take away from your music?

I hope people feel something. I hope it makes their day a little more enjoyable. I hope it makes them love the people in their lives more, and I hope it makes them love themselves.

On a lighter note, from someone who is admittedly jealous of your great hair, what do you use in it? Tell me your secret weapon (and hopefully it’s not just great genetics)!

I put hair creme on right out of the shower, and then I scrunch it as it’s wet. Just know like everyone else, I have my bad hair days too; it's probably why I only post on IG once a week.