Spencer Middleton

After kicking off January with their new song "Narcissist," Younger Hunger returned Friday with their latest single "Day Traitor."

The new song finds the Los Angeles trio Tony Davia, Lucas Connor and Becket Edwards diving into a world of nostalgic emo-punk as they deliver their second preview of their upcoming Crying in the Pit EP.

"'Day Traitor' was the first song written from this EP," says Davia. "Beckett made the cover art for it before the song was written, and I remember just staring at it for a while and then pulling out that main guitar riff from the song. After I made the demo I went on a walk and listened to it like 50 times on repeat, then we took it to Zach (Fogarty) and he just took it to a different level sonically. All in all, my favorite YH song."

While there's no word yet on when the full EP will arrive, "Day Traitor" is out now. Hear it below.