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One of our faves is back. Younger Hunger proved today they're eyeing big things for 2021 with the release of their standout new single "Narcissist."

The new track arrived Friday as a preview of the Los Angeles trio's upcoming EP, which is aiming for a spring release. This is the first glimpse of the new project.

According to the band's Tony Davia, the new song is about "wanting to be in someone’s mind [and] thoughts so badly that you don’t care if it’s with positive or negative associations."

"The first version of it was made in a motel room, recorded on a laptop mic," says Davia of the song, which was co-produced with Zach Fogarty. "Many of those recordings made it into the final version. The demo was an experiment in how far I could take a recording with no instruments."

Hear "Narcissist" below.