Roddy Bow

With a new album now just weeks away, Ben Howard on Friday released two new songs, "Far Out" and "Follies Fixture."

The new tracks find the English singer in his undeniable sweet spot, delivering impeccable vocal performances with a no-frills presentation, instead letting his signature voice do the heavy lifting. That's especially true on "Far Out."

Both new songs are from Howard's upcoming album Collections From The Whiteout, which is out March 26 via Republic Records. As we previously mentioned, it's the first time Howard has sought outside collaboration, with The National's Aaron Dessner producing, but it's proven well worth the risk.

On "Far Out," Howard says: "The song is essentially a critique of how easily people are drawn to violence and animosity without reason, just to pass the time. And ultimately how there is perhaps a simpler, more fulfilling path."

Regarding "Follies Fixture," he calls it a "love song," adding: "It deals with an apathetic period of my life searching for routine in Paris."

Hear both new songs below.