Roddy Bow

Just days after returning from hiatus, Ben Howard has shared a second song in as many weeks.

Today, he released his new song "Crowhurst’s Meme," a preview of his upcoming album Collections From the Whiteout, which is out March 26 via Republic Records. The track was inspired by the real-life figure Donald Crowhurst, who cheated in the 1968 Golden Globe yacht race but died by suicide without owning up to his mistake.

“This song was firstly inspired by a wonky synth guitar part that I had which had a kind of seasick quality to it, which in my head had a tenuous link to the Donald Crowhurst story – the famous tale of the amateur British sailor who died whilst sailing around the world,” says Howard. “These two things seemed to marry and so it became a sort of exploration of the undocumented universal side of the story.”

As we previously mentioned, Howard followed a different path on this record. In the past, he has always had a clear idea of the album from the outset, but this time, he began with a blank slate.

The origins go back two summers ago when Howard was listening to People, the collaborative project from Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and The National's Aaron and Bryce Dessner. With only a few "fragments" of ideas, Howard took a chance and contacted Aaron Dessner, and the two subsequently began working together in a "creative push and pull," crafting what is described as "the finest record of Howard's career."

Aaron Dessner ultimately co-produced the entire album alongside Howard, the first time the singer-songwriter has welcomed outside production on any of his projects.

Hear "Crowhurst’s Meme" below.