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Ben Howard is back.

The British singer-songwriter returned Tuesday with his stirring new track "What A Day," a preview of his upcoming fourth album Collections From The Whiteout, which is out on March 26 and was produced alongside The National's Aaron Dessner, who drew the spotlight last year for his highly celebrated work on Taylor Swift's surprise albums folklore and evermore.

The new track is accompanied by a playful video directed by Cloé Bailly, inspired by the "nonsense idea" of an old English rhyme. 

As for the album itself, it comes after a period of relative silence from 33-year-old Howard, who followed a different path on this record. In the past, he has always had a clear idea of the album from the outset, but this time, he began with a blank slate.

The origins go back two summers ago when Howard was listening to People, the collaborative project from Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and The National's Aaron and Bryce Dessner. With only a few "fragments" of ideas, Howard took a chance and contacted Aaron Dessner, and the two subsequently began working together in a "creative push and pull," crafting what is described as "the finest record of Howard's career."

Man, we can't wait.

For now, watch the video for "What A Day" below.