Photo courtesy artist

Memphis artist Healy is closing out the summer with the release of his new song "Back in Time," which features Public Library Commute.

The new song finds vocalist-producer Healy continuing his stride, building on the momentum of his earlier singles "Nikes On" and "Second Wind," the latter of which premiered on Variance over the summer.

“I really overthink a lot and spend a lot of my energy reliving the past while trying to make it perfect," says Healy. "Time is relative—and sometimes I wish I could manipulate it by slowing it down and living a little longer inside certain moments—so I tried to convey that by slowing and warping the end of the song and offering this really saturated vignette. It only lasts 30 seconds, but it departs from the anecdotal nature of the rest of the song and exists as a really vulnerable portrayal of my core feelings that rarely see the light of day."

Check out "Back in Time" below.