Healy in 'Second Wind' video

Memphis hip-hop artist Healy is showing some real star power on his new song "Second Wind," which arrives today with an accompanying video.

Premiering today on Variance, the video sees Healy performing from the back of an old Buick. And while it's definitely a no-frills set of visual, he's clearly strutting through, leaning in on his on his vocal skills, not only showing a wide range but very personal lyrics.

"This song sounds like redemption to me," he says. "I spent a lot of 2019 doubting and second-guessing myself, and writing this song was really cathartic. The song began as a means of self-acceptance and eventually became a general commentary on life as I was seeing it. The song really opens up as it progresses, and as the second verse continues you hear a sort of push and pull between normal and pitched vocals. In the same way, I’ve really stepped into myself more fully this year—and I’ve been working toward finding a balance between humility and ego."

According to Healy, the new music came from a two-week writing trip to Joshua Tree, with "Second Wind" being the first song written the morning after arriving, recorded in the living room. He says if you listen closely enough, you can hear the natural reverb and various sounds from across the room—refrigerator door shutting, a squeaky spiral staircase.

The new song follows Healy's other recent single "Nikes On" and is a preview of his upcoming album, which he plans to preview a couple more tracks and then release the full project, likely in the fall.

Watch the video for "Second Wind" below.