Jay Bawar

Earlier this year, Toronto-based music-maker Chris Toufexis (aka nodisco.) shared his song "Moonlight in My Bedroom." Now, he's back with a new single called "Luv U Early" and it's definitely worth the listen.

The buttery new track has a very glossy spring vibe, with hints of pop favorites like Lauv and LANY, as Toufexis chronicles a relationship which was just shy of love at first sight. Thus, the song title.

"'Luv U Early' is the beginning of it all. She was the type of person that literally the second date I knew I loved her," he says. "She was just absolutely beautiful and so effortlessly warm like no one I'd ever met before. 'Luv U Early' is obviously, first and foremost a love letter to Her, but also, a commentary on how that admission too early on is taboo."

He adds: "There's all these digital age social rules like 'are you Snapchatting yet?' or 'did you double text?' If I like you, or love you, why shouldn't I tell you? What differentiates liking from loving? I kept asking myself those questions when I first got involved with Her and decided the answer quite quickly."

Hear "Luv U Early" below.