Photo courtesy artist

Almost exactly a year after releasing their debut album Rerunning, pop duo Fly By Midnight, made up of singer-songwriter Justin Bryte and producer-songwriter Slavo, are back with their sophomore release, titled Happy About Everything Else..., which arrived on Friday.

The New York music-makers and Variance favorites have been steadily releasing music seemingly non-stop for the past couple of years, leaping from last year's record right into a stream of new singles this year and leading to this newly released album. If these guys ever stop working, it's not clear when. And they've already assured fans on social media they are breaking for the holidays while also writing for next year.

Eight-track Happy About Everything Else... extends the pair's run of flawless, no-frills pop, which seems to be their sweet spot, working with each other and a limited circle of collaborators, ditching the very algorithmic familiarity of the pop world for a palette brimming with more intense authenticity, as evidenced by their Betty Who collaboration "Lovely," which appears on the record.

It's no secret the music industry is evolving very quickly, for better or worse, with AI and playlists and everything but actual music essentially prioritized in favor of grasping at whatever makes a profit, but there still many artists putting in work, making music which sounds genuine and human, and earning fans' support honestly. Fly By Midnight is one of those acts.

Hear their full album below.