Dan Robinson

Over the past few years, Matthew Chaim has captured our attention. And today, he's released his new album The Mathematics of Nature, which is a must-listen.

The Montreal native's new project includes his previously released standouts "Sunflowers" and "Reason" as well as five new tracks, all following a very personal narrative as the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter doesn't shy away from his vulnerabilities, with the album described as a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

"The Mathematics of Nature is a conversation with myself, a conversation with my father, a conversation with someone I love," says Chaim of the new record. "It is a meditation on the helpless nature of death, the healing nature of love, and the restless nature of our own minds. It is a creative collaboration between myself and my dearest friend Rabitt aka Jason Wu. It is a short LP, a long EP, a stream of consciousness, a hopeful expression of vulnerability and change. And it is meant to be completely and entirely yours. I love you. Thank you. Amen."

This record follows quite an evolution for Chaim, who first caught our ears with his 2016 single "Homemade" and a very hip-hop leaning sound, which led to his more polished and refined EP of the same name, released last year. With "Sunflowers" and the new album, he embraces shared territory with the likes of Francis and the Lights and James Vincent McMorrow. 

As he continues his rise, The Mathematics of Nature seems to effortlessly make time stand still, if only briefly. But most importantly, it makes a compelling case for Chaim's future in music. 

Hear the full new project below.