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Ottawa duo and Variance favorites Garçons have released their sophomore EP.

After teasing the project earlier this year, singer-songwriter Deelo and producer-director Julian Strangelove have released Be Human, a 7-song project which includes their previously released cuts "Pedigree" and "Froggin."

"Every song on the project is so different from the next, and because of that it paints the entire spectrum of our experimentation and moments of self-discovery over the past year," the duo says of the new release. "It's a kind of a full-circle moment since the first song we ever made together was called 'Be Human.' This was years ago before we started the band. There were no expectations, just two kids making music. We wanted to come back to that feeling, regardless of what direction the song took. Being as human as possible is what we strive for—it’s the foundation of our personalities and the music we make together."

As we previously mentioned, the pair first met in 2014 and began working on music together in the summer of 2017. After a month-long writing session in Strangelove's Ottawa apartment, they released their impressive 2018 debut Body Language EP.

Hear the full EP below.