Kyle Carpenter

Rising electronic/R&B duo SVIBES are getting a head start on the weekend with their hypnotic new single "Don't Let Go."

The four-minute cut is simply entrancing, building with emotion as the song progresses. It's premiering today on Variance, following the duo's recent string of standout releases, including their impressive 2018 debut "Colored Walls / Fly Low."

"So often we need some sort of assurance that the thing we are feeling is real," says SVIBES of the new single. "'Don’t Let Go' explores the promises being made in love, but words can only do so much. In the end all you’re left with is trust."

SVIBES is made up of German producer Chris de Luca and Mississippi artist Sanders Bohlke. And as they continue to shine, "Don't Let Go" is only further proof of their prowess.

Hear the new song below.