Photo courtesy artist

We need to talk about this new band called SVIBES.

The electronic R&B duo just put out their debut single over the weekend and it's something magical. The four-minute cut, titled "Colored Walls / Fly Low," is a fuzzy yet simmering listen, building to a spellbinding finish.

It's the infectious creation of two artists from completely different continents, with producer Chris de Luca hailing from Germany, while singer Sanders Bohlke is from Mississippi. 

"In a way, this song is about self-perception," the duo says of the track. "Thinking you are one thing—autonomous, capable—and then being released into the world and realizing you were not what you thought you were. The chorus is some voice letting you go, but warning you to 'fly low,' a nod to the story of Icarus.”

While this is only their first track and little else is known about the pair's future plans, this debut will definitely leave you anxious for more. And we anticipate this isn't the last we'll hear from SVIBES.

Hear "Colored Walls / Fly Low" below or across any digital platform.