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Dagny keeps rising.

The Norwegian singer on Friday returned with her glossy new single "Hit Your Heart," which happens to be a collaboration with none other than powerhouse producer and hitmaker Steve Aoki.

"After watching ‘Hit You Heart’ become a fan’s favourite in our live set, I sent a demo of it to Steve and he immediately wanted to be involved in the production," says Dagny of the song's origins. "I wanted it to feel strong and powerful and capture that energy that came upon both us and our audience whilst playing it live—and that’s exactly what Steve added. I’ve been so excited to release this track and I hope it hits people’s heart. Pun intended."

For his part, Aoki said the collaboration "came naturally," saying of Dagny: "Her voice is so luscious and adaptable that I felt like I had a lot of musical freedom to produce something that would suit her vocals. She could fit into any genre, and that’s something I really admire about her."

Hear "Hit Your Heart" below.