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And now we know: Aaron Taos' new album Birthday Boy is coming on March 6. A week before my birthday, so thanks for that timing!

The New York-based artist confirmed the news Thursday along with the release of another new song, titled "Communication." It comes just a month after his previous track "Is It Anything?," which saw him collaborating with Brooklyn rapper Khary.

"'Communication' is about the importance of talking things out with your partner," Taos says of the new song. "I'm a pretty open person, so when there's something not sitting right between me and someone (be it lover or friend) I'm quick to want to acknowledge the issue and attempt to fix it. As I mentioned in the song, both my parents are therapists, so blame it on that. In any case, 'Communication' is about the importance of airing things out."

Hear "Communication" below.