Photo courtesy artist

Following a steady flow of music last year, Aaron Taos is already kicking off 2019 with a new jam.

The New York artist on Tuesday released his new song "Is It Anything?," which finds him linking up with Brooklyn-based rapper Khary while pondering about his place in the music industry. And while Taos has previously shown strength in wavy, psychedelic sounds, this fusion with hip-hop seems almost effortless, with his hazy vibe gelling perfectly with Khary's grit.

"Right now, a career in music – the constant questioning: 'Am I good enough? What am I trying to say? Do I even want it anyway?," says Taos. "With the current state of music – everything being produced and released at such a rapid pace – I think it's important to constantly step back and re-evaluate what it is that you really, actually want to say and why exactly you're feeling disappointed, excited, or any number of highs and lows that come with this stuff."

He adds: "More generally, it's about the process of going down the rabbit hole chasing a goal, whether it be a career, a person, or a feeling and when/if you finally attain that thing – is it all you thought it would be?"

Hear the new song below and stay tuned for Aaron Taos' album Birthday Boy, which is expected next month.