Photo: Andrew Lipovsky

After a string of cryptic song and freestyle releases hinting at a new album, A$AP Rocky made it more official on Wednesday night with a performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

He took the stage on the NBC late-nighter to debut two new songs, "Distorted Records" and "A$AP Forever," the latter of which features Moby on the studio version, which was actually released to digital platforms moments before the on-air performance.

For the Fallon appearance, Rocky was seen wearing a jumpsuit while apparently performing on a bed. But things weren't quite as they seemed, as was quickly revealed, extending the theme of "Testing" which has been running through a number of the rapper's previously released song clips, leading to speculation it be pointing to an album title.

While Rocky has yet to formally announce a new full-length, he did confirm at the end of last year he had been working on one. It's been one of Variance's 45 Albums to Watch for in 2018.

See video of his Tonight Show performance and hear "A$AP Forever" below. As of this writing, "Distorted Records" has not been officially released.